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What are the typical symptoms of influenza?

Every winter virus of influenza infects many people all over the world. Even if you have preventive inoculation, you are still in a risk zone.Basic symptoms are:

  • fever, body temperature up to 104F or 40°C, hot
  • chills
  • headache, sore ears
  • red irritated eyes
  • reddened skin
  • sorethroat, throat becomes red and exasperated
  • cough
  • blocked noses, runny noses and sneezing with mucus
  • muscle ache and fatigue.
  • How to differ common cold from influenza?

    It is important to start medication treatment as the first indications appear. You can have flu medicine in advance when pandemic begins. And it is also of value to distinguish between influenza and chill. Chill begins slowly. First you feel not OK (small aches and fever, cough and sneezing, throat redness) but still fine. Later all the symptoms strengthen. Cold medicine treatment a prioriis generally forbidden.

    Influenza is a combination of symptoms of common cold (with throat pain and chesty cough) and pneumonia, body and muscle ache, headache, hot and fatigue.

    For kids diarrhea and gastrointestinal problemsare normal symptoms but it should alert adults. As a consequence of gastrointestinal problems you should receivedecongestantsand antihistamines remedies.

    What are dangerous symptoms?

    Call emergency in 1 of the given circumstances:

  • chest pain
  • painful cough with mucus
  • bloody cough
  • confusion
  • shortness of breath
  • extremely high fever and severe cough.
  • If you have difficulties with breathing immediately drink antihistamines drops or fluids and call emergency. If anti flu treatment does not improveyour well feelingsee your doctor.He assigns extra cold medicine.

    How to treat influenza with drugs?

    Todayflu medicine is developing fast. There are a lot of well-known illness suppressants. And every year our pharmacy obtains new remedies from different types of agents.And we have season discount program. They differ by form and way of use. Flu medicine (as well as cold medicine) can be:

  • nasal sprays and drops
  • pills or tablets and effervescent tablets or powder
  • fluids or syrups.
  • The most popular anti flu preparations are:

  • combivir
  • copegus
  • epivir
  • hepcinat
  • rebetol
  • retrovir
  • ribavin
  • sustiva
  • Besides anti flu action they sometimes contain analgesic. Medicines reduce fever, hot or chills rather fast. It helps to improve your well-feeling. Remember about antihistamines drops to stave offrhinedema and blocked noses.

    This flu medicine is rather expensive. Is there anything less expensive?

    You also can choose generic medicines. It costs rather cheap because it is high quality copy of brand tablets. The cost of brand flu medicine includes different kinds of expenses, such as:

  • research (in labs and in hospital with real patients)
  • license (or patent)
  • marketing.
  • These remedies are normally produces after the license period is over and they do not have any marketing expense. As their price is low, sometimes they are called low cost medications.

    How should I behave myself in case of virus infection?

    As fist as you mention symptoms you should act. Besides taking flu medicine do not forget to drink much warm water and other fluids to prevent dehydration and save your health. Think aboutantihistamines tablets if you have more then 1 medication and decongestants. Do not forget about analgesics tablets if you have aches.

    Confine your communication, as the virus is contagious.Be careful; when you cough or you are sneezing hide your mouth.

    Will antibiotics help me to defeat influenza?

    Antibiotics do not kill viruses and does not defeat viral, they help only when bacteria cause the disease. Butvirusmay transform into pneumonia or bronchitis. In this instance you require antibiotics. But first consult you physician.

    How long does it take to cure viral?

    Normally you need 3 day of medication treatmentto feel better when you have flu medicine. Flu medicineis recommended to be taken for at least 1 week. Do not assume analgesics longer then 3 days.

    Is it possible to avert influenza?

    Some anti flu (and sometimes cold medicine) can be received beforehand to preclude it. You also can makeinoculation. But no one of these measure does not guarantee that your health with not suffer from infection. But before preventive medication treatment consult your doctor.

    Shall I have a prescription to purchase cold medicine?

    You need no prescription to buy most of anti flu and cold medicine. Please check the descriptions ofmedicines. If flu medicine does not help you see you physician.

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