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Every substance, which presence in nature, is important. Even if it doesn’t seem so obvious at the first sight. We all know that cholesterol is dangerous for our health and we should low it by diet and healthy life style. What is cholesterol by itself? Is it really so dangerous?

What is cholesterol? Why do we need it?

Cholesterol is an alcohol by its structure, but it is a type of lipid molecule. Cells contain it in their membranes. When the level of cholesterol is normal cell membrane is flexible and it is tough enough.

So when the level is low the corpuscle cannot maintain its form. Moreover, it causes cancer, depression, and anxiety.

And when it is too high cell membranes become solid, plaques appear on the vascular walls and clog them. They hinder the normal bloodstream and cause stroke or cardiovascular disease.

That is why we should know our level of our cholesterol. We should also distinguish between 2 types of cholesterol: low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). It is LDL, which is sometimes called “bad cholesterol”. Just because LDL clogs coronary artery. And HDL removes LDL from our body. That is why it is sometimes called “good cholesterol”.

As the result you may see that you should have high level of HDL and low level of LDL. And the overall result of you cholesterol level (HDL + LDL) is not so much informative.

What level of cholesterol is normal?

Optimal level of total cholesterol for an adult must not exceed 5.2 mmol/l. Ideal level of HDC is more then 1 mmol/L. And the level of “bad cholesterol” LDL must not exceed 3.

Can it be too low? How does it affect my health?

Of course, the level of cholesterol can be as high as low. And it causes depression or anxiety.

Am I in a risk zone of low cholesterol if I lead a healthy way of life?

Your liver produces about 80% of daily cholesterol. Remaining 20% are produced by the intestines, adrenal glands, and reproductive organs. So you do not need to obtain extra cholesterol from outside generally. But if you suspect that your level of cholesterol is too low ask your doctor to make a blood test.

What are the main symptoms of high cholesterol?

The high level of cholesterol inhibits bloodstream. But you do not feel any problems with your health until it’s late. That is why physicians recommend testing blood at least once a year.

Who has a risk of high cholesterol?

You are in a risk zone if you:

  • eat much fried food and lots of animal and saturated fats
  • don’t going in for sport
  • drink alcohol
  • smoke
  • family history (stroke or heart disease)
  • have already had store or have problems with your health
  • have diabetes
  • have hypertension
  • Please note that if you are in a high risk zone your cholesterol must be 4 mmol/L (total cholesterol) or less.

    How can I find out the level of my cholesterol?

    Simple blood test will definitely evaluate the intention of cholesterol in blood.

    Is it possible to treat high cholesterol?

    Take special tablets to support your health if your cholesterol is above normal amount. These cholesterol lowering medications may help you:

  • lipitor
  • lopid
  • crestor
  • lasuna
  • shuddha guggulu
  • tricor
  • zetia
  • zocor
  • So when you are lowering cholesterol level, remember about the main points:

  • healthy diet with much fruits and vegetables
  • no saturated fats
  • cholesterol lowering medications (satins)
  • walk much, take exercises
  • quit smoking
  • Regularly go to you doctor to correct the dosage of medicines or change it.

    Is there any way to prevent high cholesterol?

    There are 3 main ways to normalize the level of high cholesterol in blood. They are:

  • special nutritional care
  • sport
  • medicines
  • Reduce or give up boose to support your health and well-feeling.

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