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Stop Smoking


Champix® is approved by the FDA a prescription medication that helps adults (18 ...Read more

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Nicotex® is a Nicotine gum, which effectively helps to quit smoking. Based on th...Read more

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Zero Nicotine Patch®

Zero Nicotine® is a revolutionary treatment for people who became addicted to ni...Read more

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Bulet SR®

Bulet SR® is an FDA-approved anti-smoking medication, which is considered to be ...Read more

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Bupron SR®

Bupron SR® is an approved by the FDA medication used as an aid to smoking cessat...Read more

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Unidep SR®

Unidep SR® is a highly effective FDA-approved medication which helps people to q...Read more

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Wellbutrin SR

Generic Wellbutrin SR is used for treating depression. It may also be used for o...Read more

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Zyban SR

Zyban SR is a high-class medication which is commonly used to help people stop s...Read more

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How to quit smoking

Once you decided to stop smoking you step up a new way of life. But is it possible to quit smoking forever and to defeat the addiction? There are lots of methods, medications, pills, drugs, drops, treats and nicotine patches. Choose your own manner to freedom from cigarettes.

Over 90% of smokers make up their minds to quit tobacco but only 4-7% finally succeed. Here is some basic advice. Follow it and stop smoking right now!

Find your own method

What consequence of smoking frightens you most? Each coffin-nail damages your health and affects your lifetime. If you like travelling you will shun long flights or night trains. Moreover, you risk dying from heart attack or cancer at the age of 35! You’ll have to take tons of medicines to keep alive without bad symptoms.

Today the world aspires a better future. Tax on cigarettes grows rashly, there are less smoking zones. You cannot fume even outside your house.

Make conditions of your children’s lives better. But if you don’t have ones, think about quitting smoking to bring into the world a healthy baby. And it causes cancer not only for smoker but for this nearest too.

This harmful habit limits your freedom, doesn’t it? And treatment will influence on your budget. So stop smoking, make your life bright.

Find substitute

When you quit smoking you feel lost. How should you carry out your break? Earlier you had a cigarette between your lips. So substitute it for a straw and sip water. Tablets or Nicotine Patchis also a good replacement of cigarettes when you struggle against dependence.

There is now common opinion about e-sigarettes. Some say they are the same as cigarettes, others believe they help to quit smoking. E-sigarettes contain nicotine. But you may fill in liquid without. So e-sigarette will become harmless.

Keep your mouth busy

Another good method is chewing something instead of smoking. Give priority to vegetables like celery and fruits like apples. Or just chew bubble gum. It will help you to stop smoking.

E-sigarette is not the best way to substitute it.

Go to doctor

Quit tobacco is not an easy thing to do. The best method to stop smoking is receiving medicines therapy. Because you need not only moral support, but also medications. Among them there are pills and nicotine patches (sold without prescription) like:

  • champix
  • bupropion
  • nicotex
  • zero nicotine patch
  • bulet
  • unidep
  • wellbutrin
  • Popular medicines low cost therapy to stop smoking means Nicotine Patch. It is a comfortable mode to quit tobacco. Your body isn't stressed because of acrid cessation of nicotine supply. So you won't suffer so much with one of these products.

    Physician will line up the dosage of Nicotine Patch in accordance with your symptoms and the best way to reduce it to 0.It is important not to miss medications as it may cause desire to smoke. Some products require prescription. But most of them you can order online without any prescription. Pharmacy has discount for loyal customers. Hurry up to order cheap treatment online.

    Ask for support

    Ask your friends and relatives to endorse you. And don't let them smoke near you. Even e-sigarretes.

    Keep away from smokers

    Watching smokers while you are trying to quit smoking is like looking on a delicious cake when you keep a diet. Why do you torture yourself? Far from eye, far from heart.Otherwise, you’ll feel symptoms of stress. Remember cigarettes are not compatible with medications.

    Avoid alcohol

    Did you notice that drinking beer with friends arranges not only confident talk but also smoking? You feel relaxed; your internal brakes do not function well. So don't take this risk. Note alcoholis not consonant with medications.

    Mark smoking free days in calendar

    Each day without cigarette is your small victory. Be proud of yourself! Mark every day to see your progress.

    Think up a reward

    It is rather difficult to quit smoking. You prevent smoking for the whole day? That’s great! Have a candy. Buy a special quit smoking treat.

    You haven’t smoked for a week? That is unbelievable! You deserve a real reward. What will it be? And having pleasure every weekend may become a good family tradition. You will improve you relationship with your spouse.

    Create non-smoking zone

    When you quit smoking you breathe freely. Clean your flat. Let fresh air inside. Nothing must remind you about your bad habits. Wash all your clothes to get rid of this awful smell. Let your apartment become a smoking free place.

    And the main fume free zone is your mouth. Clean your teeth more often to sense purity.

    Don’t forget about your reasons

    That is so easy to quit smoking. You doubt, stressed and even depressed. Don't forget about your motivation. Place your family photo on the table where you work. Or a picture of the reward you chose for 1 year without cigarettes.

    Be active

    You spent about 2-3 hours for smoking every day. You quit smoking. Now you have excess of time. So use it with benefit. Go in for sport. Coaching on the fresh air.Your body will start to generate endorphins. They will help you to avoid depression and will keep you on right way.

    Don’t forget to change your nicotine patch or take tablets to save your health.

    Protect your choice to quit smoking

    Don't let anyone judge or debate about your decision. You decided to quit smoking and dot. Be confident and strong. No doubt in your willpower. You will repel the addiction!

    Give drinking much tea and coffee

    Allow yourself a cup of coffee in the morning to wake up. Too much caffeine will strengthen your misery and depression.Drink more water and juices instead when you stop smoking. And drink them through the plastic tube. It will help your to reduce mental addiction.

    Distract yourself

    Daresay about your new possibilities after you stop smoking. Let yourself have no free time when you could think about cigarettes. Be busy all the time.

    Go on!

    If you fall to the ground, it doesn’t mean you loose battle with cigarettes. Stand up and go on! Change nicotine patch to a new one. One fall mustn’t stop you.

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